Imagine a non electric sewage system that was silent, could not break down and could never smell.


Imagine a sewage system that turned your sewage into safe, clean liquid compost that could discharge into a water course or into the soil


Imagine an organic sewage system certified by the UK Government and UK Building Regs.


Welcome to the Eco System...

Beautiful And Natural

The Eco System has no electric parts. It has no motors. It has no compressors. You will have no electricity bills with it. You will have no repair costs with it. You will have no problems with it... EVER!


Because the Eco System cannot break down it works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is guaranteed for life!


It will never give you any problems. In fact, you won't even had to lift the lid! ​


Let me tell you why...

The Eco System will feed your lawn, plants and trees.

100% Organic

The main reason why the Eco System works so well is due to what is inside it....​


Red worms and organisms will break down your sewage like that in a compost heap.


The result is a mineral rich liquid compost that will soak into your soil. This plant food will feed and nourish your lawn. Feed and nourish your plants. Feed and nourish your trees. In fact, it will bring your garden back to life.


The Eco System is quiet. It does not smell, and it will never need to be emptied.


The Eco System is a masterpiece.


It is made by skilled craftsmen. It is built to order, and it is produced in small batches.


But that's not all...


What happy customers are saying...


Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Not Cheaper To Buy An Electric System?


It is true that some electrical systems can be bought for what seems like a cheaper price. That is, until you look at why they are cheap.


Here's three major issues you will encounter with an electrical system – regardless of it’s upfront price tag.


1. Power Consumption

These systems all contain compressors – which have to operate on a 24/7 basis. Regardless of any 'low electric consumption' claims your electricity bill will be at least £150-£250 higher per year.


Some systems draw even more power and will hit your wallet even harder.


Multiply this regular bill by the amount of time that the system is sitting in the ground and the numbers soon stack up.


2. Break Down & Repairs

Every electric sewage system will have moving parts inside them. These range from motors, drums, shafts, to compressors, belts or bearings.


These moving parts only have 12 months of warranty. To replace a typical motor unit is £750. A replacement shaft and drum could be north of £3000-4000.


While the unit might be sold at a bargain price – the manufacturers will soon claw back plenty of profit from their spares division.


3. Servicing

In order to be compliant with UK Building Regs – electrical systems need to be serviced at least once a year by an approved manufacturer. Most companies will insist on their units being serviced by their approved contractors or any warranties or guarantees will be null and void.


The cost for all of this upkeep. A typical annual service will be £350 - £550.


In order to be compliant with UK Building Regs – electrical systems must also be emptied at least once or twice a year.


A typicaly emptying cost (as of 2018) will be anything from £150-350 depending on area.


Take all three of the above factors into account and soon you have a treatment system that can cost £100s if not £1000's to run each year. That rapidly wipes out any savings made on the purchase price tag. It would be like a buying a car that only does 5 miles to the gallon – you will soon feel the pinch!     


Opting for a non-electrical system neatly avoids all of the above issues. You will not have an electricity bill, no servicing required and it will not break down. Unlike many other non-electrical systems on the market – the Eco System will never need emptying.


Hence, the Eco System is your wallet’s best friend.

What certification does it have?


In order to be sold in the UK it has to meet an EU-wide standard - namely the EN12566-3. The German testing regime is in many ways stricter than it is in the UK and the data of these results can be found if you Click Here. 


Besides meeting the stringent UK requirements it also meets the exhaustive tests required of it in other countries such as France and Germany.


Why Is It Not On

The British Water website?


British Water is a trade body, and not a government authority.


The 'approved equipment' list is not endorsed by the UK Government, The Environment Agency or UK Building Regs.


It is not a list to show you which systems are legal or not. The systems on their site are purely of those companies who are members of British Water.


 - British Water state this themselves...

Why Do Certain Website State It Has

High Ammonia, And Nitrates In BOD Tests?


This argument is commonly employed as a sales tactic by certain companies. The legal basis for any system being sold in the UK is that it must meet the EN12566-3. This is the benchmark, anything else is irrelevant.


Arbitrary scales drawn by up other companies (generally to encourage sales of a particular product) are not recognised by the Environment Agency or HM Government.

Technical Data

Who Makes The Eco System?


The manufacturer is PPU Umwelttechnik GMBH in Germany - producers of sewage plants for the past 35 years. They are certainly nothing new or unknown in Europe.


Who Sells The Eco System?


I am the only one in the UK licensed to sell these.


What Are The Eco Systems Dimensions


Each tank is 1.7 metres tall. 1.5 Metres long and 1.2 Metres wide.

For more details please the PDF image below.

Why Is The Discharge Pipe Mounted Low?


A key feature of this system is that it works by gravity, the liquid must fall from the inlet level to the outlet level.


It also ensures it is physically impossible for it to back up and is effectively an in-built non-return valve.

Will The Vent Pipe Look Unsightly?


Within a few months of it going into the ground the only visible clues you will have to it being there will be access lids flush with the grass and a small vent pipe. The vent pipe is approximately 300mm above ground level and blends in beautifully with any surround.


The vent pipe is a key component to the safe and clean operation of the unit – it also serves to prevent odours or smells.

Why Is the System Split Into Two Units?


Due to the systems modular construction you have as much or little capacity as you need. One unit is the composter and the second unit is the digester.


Should you need more capacity in future just add another module.

What Optional Extras Can You

Buy For The Eco System?


If required you can purchase risers (extension necks) for the Eco System.


If the Eco System needs to be sunk deeper into the ground, then the extension necks can be fitted bring the lid up to ground level.


Extension necks are adjustable and can be cut to size and typically come in 2 sizes 500mm or 1000mm.

When Do I Put The Worms In?


After you have purchased the Eco System let us know when your system is plumbed in and we will then send out a bucket of fresh worms. 


These organic red worms come in a large bucket that contain approximately 1000 worms and food. Simply, take the lid off the bucket and pour the contents into the baffle tank. The worms will get to work instantly!


This one off treatment also means you'll never have to empty your system again!

About Me

Who Am I?


My name is Jason and my love of septic tanks started when I lived at home with mum and dad.


We had a septic tank down the garden and it always used to fascinate and scare me. I used to sneak down the garden and lift the lid, and was horrified too see this heaving mass of worms. Years later I would find out that these worms were the best friend a septic tank could ever have!


My second encounter with a septic tank was many years later when I got married and moved into a Victorian terraced cottage. 


My property was one of 4 properties that was connected to cesspit in the garden of the end house. After a few months the cesspit developed a problem and kept filling up with water. Because the neighbour refused to get it fixed it was costing us £390 a week to get it emptied. That was £90 for each property!


This went on for about a year and the problem was starting to make my wife and I ill. Finally, after much research and planning I managed to install my own sewage system and also one for my next door neighbour Jim.


Since then, I have been installing and repairing septic tanks, soakaways and sewage treatment systems for over 20 years.


Some of my clients have included The Prince of Wales, Davina McCall and The Queen of Jordan to name but a few.


As an independent consultant, I love being able to share new and old technology that will fix septic tank problems and save you money.


The Eco System is 100% organic.  It will save you hundreds of £££'s on emptying, electricity and repair costs. 


You can call me on 01753 360102 or email me at

1. No Electricity - No electricity bills.

2. No Smells - Fresh, clean and 100% organic.

3. Maintenance Free Uses natural processes such as gravity, air pressure, bacteria and worms.

4. Easy to install - Designed for the DIY market.

5. Very Reliable - Cannot break down

6. Small In Size - Tucks away into most gardens.

7. 100% Legal. Legally conforms to the requirements of the Environment Agency, HM Government and UK Building Regulations. 2020 compliant.

8. Strong Lid.Tamper proof lid safe for children and pets.

9. Future Proof. Easy to add additional unIts for more capacity.

10. No Emptying. All the sludge eaten by worms.

11. Lifetime Guarantee.

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