Many companies sell rainwater soakaway crates as septic tank soakaway crates.


It is Illegal. Building Regs clearly state that you are Not Allowed to use rainwater crates as soakaway crates! This is because the membrane supplied with them is not suitable for sewage effluent. The membrane will clog up because of the suspended solids and stop working within weeks or months.


Septic Tank Soakaway crates are the only legal crates that can be used for septic tanks.

7-8 Bedroom Property

14 Septic Tank Crates

Comes with free membrane worth £89

£899 ex vat

£49 Delivery. Please ring for Scotland

Total price inc vat £748

Approximate Dimensions

Dig Hole.

Insert Sampling Chamber (not Included)

Place Membrane In Hole

(Comes free with septic tank crates)

Place Crates In Hole

(the septic tank crates clip together)

Cover Crates With Membrane

(So it covers the top and the sides)

Cover With Top Soil

(And then cover with turf or grass seed)

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